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If you are thinking about preparing for a competition, Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club has the best experts in the field to help you hit your peak and show your best onstage.

From the best diet to follow to lose fat while maintaining and building muscle, to the optimum training program to bring your physique to it’s peak, and  perfecting  your stage presence in order to display your physique at it’s best advantage, our experts at Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club will give you the best advice so you can be at your absolute best when it counts.

Some of the world’s best Professional Bodybuilders, Figure and Bikini athletes train regularly right here at Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club every day.

Professional IFBB PRO Bodybuilder Nate Wonsley, IFBB PRO 2X Ms. Olympia Figure Champion Erin Stern, IFBB Pro Figure Champion Kamla Macko, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Sheila Bleck, WBFF Diva Pro Bikini Champions, Natural Mr. Olympia and 3X Natural Mr. Universe winner John Hansen to name a few!

We can cover all the angles to help you present your best physique onstage. So whether it’s your very first contest or if you are a veteran competitor, you can benefit from having some of the top Professionals in the Bodybuilding world help you one on one to be your lifetime best!

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John Hansen


John Hansen is one of the best Natural Bodybuilders in the world, having won the first Natural Mr. Olympia contest in 1998 and the Natural Mr. Universe three times. John began bodybuilding as a skinny teenager at 14 years old and started competing in bodybuilding contests when he was only 16 years old. He transformed his physique naturally, without the use of steroids, gaining 100 pounds of muscle by the time he was 21 years old. John has been competing for over 35 years and he is still involved in the competition scene today at 50 years old. He also promotes Natural Bodybuilding competitions and has been a bodybuilding judge since 1987. John is the author of the best selling book “Natural Bodybuilding” (Human Kinetics, 2005) and has produced two training DVD’s. He was inducted into the Natural Bodybuilding Hall of Fame in 2008 and the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2009. With so many years of experience, John can help you to prepare for your next competition by offering a sensible approach to training and nutrition that will maintain your muscle size and fullness while reducing your body fat levels. John is also an expert at the art of presenting your physique onstage to show the judges your best.










kamlaKamla Macko – IFBB Figure Pro


Kamla Macko is an IFBB Figure Pro. She has a degree in Exercise and Cardiac Rehab from Florida International University. While studying at Florida International University Kamla was inspired to compete in her first figure competition. in 2007 in West Palm Beach, FL and won 1st place! Kamla graduated top of her class from Florida International University. Her love and passion for fitness and competition continues to this day. Her ultimate goal is to win Miss Figure Olympia.

From 2006-2008 while working as the Program Director with her husband Agustin Clemente at Freestyle Fighting Academy in Miami, Florida, she began to hone her teaching, training and nutritional skills. She designed exercise programs, nutritional programs, and competition prep for her clients as well as herself. in 2009 when her husband Agustin accepted the position as General Manager and Head Instructor at Xtreme Fighting Championships, they moved to Brandon, FL.  Kamla managed and taught the woman’s bootcamp classes at Xtreme Fighting Training Center, and mixed martial arts classes with her husband. After two years of running the Women’s Fitness Program and Mixed Martial Arts Program, the power couple opened their own fitness company, Fierce Inc.

Kamla’s bootcamp classes have helped countless women including women from the Sheriff’s Department to obtain their fitness goals. Kamla also specializes in training women for various bikini and fitness competitions. Some of her clients have gone on to win several competitions. Kamla is currently a fitness model for Home Shopping Network. She is available by appointment only. She will competing again on the IFBB Olympia stage this year.

Please contact us  to set up a free consultation with Kamla.

Competition history and titles Kamla won while training with her husband Pro MMA fighter Agustin Clemente:

2007- 1s Place Winner- Sunshine Classic, West Palm Beach, FL.
2010- 1st Place & Overall figure winner – Tampa Bay Classic, Tampa, FL.
2010- 1st Place & Overall Winner Miss Florida State Championships – Orlando, FL.
2010- 7th Place National Figure Championships – Atlanta, GA.
2011-3rd Place National Figure Championships – Las, Vegas, Nevada.

2012- 2nd Place National Figure Championships – Las Vegas, Nevada

2012- 5th Place IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Championships – Tampa, FL

2012- 2nd Place IFBB Valenti Cup – Sarasota, Florida

2012- 2nd Place Ft. Lauderdale Cup – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

2012- 2nd Place Miami World Pro – Miami, Florida

2013- 10th Place IFBB Arnold Classic – Columbus, Ohio

2013- 2nd Place IFBB Tampa Pro – Tampa, Florida

2013- 2nd Place IFBB Valenti Cup – Sarasota, Florida

2013- Olympia Figure Pro Competitor

2015- Kentucky IFBB Pro Figure Champion








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