Group Fitness Classes

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Fit Camp with Tommy Parks
Instructed by a former professional athlete, this 60 minute class focuses on core, speed, plyometrics, legs, hand weights and much more! Experience the off season workouts of professional athletes!

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Yoga is influenced by the ancient Indian practice of hatha yoga. It involves holding stretches as well as strength poses as a kind of low-impact physical exercise, and is often used for therapeutic purposes. Meditation, imagery, breath work and music are used.

Indoor Cycling

We have several Indoor Cycling classes available in many different time slots to serve you. We even have cycling on Sundays!

Please check our class schedule for times. Our world class instructors will have you pumping out a great ride every time! Combined with our oxygen machine, the movie screen, projector and surround sound system, these classes ROCK!

Barbell Strength

A barbell class that focuses on hitting every major muscle group in one hour. You will gain lean body mass, lose fat, and improve your general fitness level and health condition. You will improve your look and get a boost of self-esteem!


About Us

Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club was created to bring out the Athlete that is in all of us! Our scientific approach, nutritional supplementation and meal programs feed your body with nutrients that are compatible with your metabolism and your biological make up.

Our functional & strength training programs are designed to enhance and develop athletes of all ages. The testing and guidance provided by

Powerhouse FX HP LAB’s Dr. Jacob Wilson, Chief Scientist Ryan Lowery and their team of experts, are unsurpassed in the human performance testing and research field.

Come see what our staff and facility is all about!

From our family to your family, thank you and see you at the club!

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