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We are excited to offer you a world class training facility that has been designed and equipped to achieve your fitness goals in record time. Our goal was to create a facility and environment that would actually have members looking forward to working out. We have gone beyond structural design and have focused most importantly on service. We are in the service industry, not the sales business. We know our members by name not numbers. We do not match rates or wheel-and-deal. We think this is poor customer service and leaves a terrible impression. We do offer several membership programs and will do our best to make it affordable for you. Waiting in line for equipment, poor customer service and dirty outdated amenities are all part of being cheap. We feel that you can’t be the best and the cheapest at the same time. If price is your deciding factor then maybe you should revisit the value we offer. We are always available to serve you and we will not disappoint you!

Our philosophy is simple: Invest our efforts on the members, keep them happy, give them a clean, well equipped world class facility, help them to achieve their goals and not only will they stay, but they will also refer their friends and family.

Powerhouse Gyms Tampa Bay


About Us

Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club was created to bring out the Athlete that is in all of us! Our scientific approach, nutritional supplementation and meal programs feed your body with nutrients that are compatible with your metabolism and your biological make up.

Our functional & strength training programs are designed to enhance and develop athletes of all ages. The testing and guidance provided by

Powerhouse FX HP LAB’s Dr. Jacob Wilson, Chief Scientist Ryan Lowery and their team of experts, are unsurpassed in the human performance testing and research field.

Come see what our staff and facility is all about!

From our family to your family, thank you and see you at the club!

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