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Combining the benefits of extreme training with functionality is just what we needed to complement our unique fitness center. Powerhouse FX fills the gap that was created by Cross Fit enthusiasts throughout the country.
The concept came from Powerhouse Gyms International Co-founder Will Dabish.
Powerhouse FX works more on functionality as compared to Cross Fit which pulls extensively from gymnastics, powerlifting, and endurance training.
 Functional training is different for everybody. It prepares the body to function more efficiently and with less chance of injury when performing daily tasks such as a mother picking up her child, or a warehouse worker lifting boxes and packing outgoing trucks.
Training has evolved, and if weights and cardio is just not enough for you, or if you really want to be functional in your profession and daily tasks, then maybe Powerhouse FX is for you! It combines body weight, balance, explosiveness and bio mechanical correction to help you achieve your best in sports, or whatever your needs may be.
Our complete nutritional and metabolic testing programs are recommended with this program.
Call our front desk to set up a FREE consultation with one of our Powerhouse FX trainers! 813.875.1600
or email us at Ph7@pgtampabay.com
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About Us

Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club was created to bring out the Athlete that is in all of us! Our scientific approach, nutritional supplementation and meal programs feed your body with nutrients that are compatible with your metabolism and your biological make up.

Our functional & strength training programs are designed to enhance and develop athletes of all ages. The testing and guidance provided by

Powerhouse FX HP LAB’s Dr. Jacob Wilson, Chief Scientist Ryan Lowery and their team of experts, are unsurpassed in the human performance testing and research field.

Come see what our staff and facility is all about!

From our family to your family, thank you and see you at the club!

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