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What’s the perfect man?

20046773_BG1TAMPA (FOX 13) -They’re hot, sweaty and drop-dead gorgeous.

“Definitely a lot of good looking guys here,” Krista Teller observed during her workout at Powerhouse Gym in downtown Tampa.

Megan Lacour agreed. “There are gorgeous men that go to this gym.”

The gym floor is filled with diverse choices and different opinions from the women who are watching.

“My ideal of a perfect man is probably someone who is tall, dark and handsome,” said Krista.

“I like blonde hair, blue eyes,” explained Meldrey Watkins. Watch the video click here

Megan chimed in with, “Tall, dark and handsome.”

That information is key for makers of those trashy romance novels that women love to read. Whether you picture a charismatic Christian Grey or a fabulous Fabio, there’s actually a science to figuring out which type of men belong on these covers.

Megan said, “Muscular but not too muscular.”

Sarah also commented, “Muscular, but not too big.”

However, 42 percent of women say they do like a man that’s rugged.

“I think someone that’s very fit is very attractive,” said Krista.

Twenty-six percent of women are drawn in by black hair and green eyes. Meanwhile, a third of the ladies surveyed say they like little or no chest hair at all.

While these romance books are supposed to be a reflection of what we women like, some of these ladies have another novel idea.

“I mean, you could be beautiful on the outside and have a personality that’s kinda like, what planet did you come from?” said Meldrey.

They truly are willing to not judge a book by its cover.

“He could be missing teeth, have no hair, one eye, and, like, it doesn’t matter,” added Sarah Michelle.

Unlike her description though, the survey determined that the perfect man has a European accent and is in his 30s with black hair and green eyes.

Tampa man wins 3rd Natural Mr. Universe

When he was 14, John Hansen told his family and friends he was going to be Mr. Universe.  He weighed 135 pounds.  He hit the weights, and that number quickly changed.

When he was 29, he actually won the title.  And again at 33.  But John retired when he was 41, thinking he couldn’t do much more in bodybuilding, having also won Natural Mr. Olympia at 35.

But when he was 48, training for a photo shoot for the cover of Iron Man Magazine, he decided to get back in the game.  And earlier this month, 20 years after his first Natural Mr. Universe title, he won it again for his age class.

All of John’s major titles have been in Natural Mr. Universe and Natural Mr. Olympia competitions.  The events that he promotes are all natural as well.  That means the competitors are drug-tested for everything from steroids to HGH to diuretics.  They have to train harder and longer than for those in other events where just about anything goes, and they aren’t as big as those other bodybuilders either.

But they compete on a level playing field, as opposed to those who are continuously trying to one-up each other with the latest and strongest performance enhancing drugs.

Hansen, who’s lived in Tampa for the past two years after spending most of his life in Chicago, wants to continue to pursue more titles.  He says he likes the idea of competing and winning at 50.  He also likes the idea of eating some sweets–in moderation, of course–but only when he’s not in competition mode.

Click on the story above to see John’s story, and why he says natural bodybuilders, oddly enough, actually like to be accused of using steroids.

Read more: Click here

See John Hansen video Click Here


Miss Olympia Figure Pro Erin Stern!ErinStern_3166-fixed


IFBB PRO Jose Raymond


Ron Diaz, of the Ron and Ian show, 620AM Sports Animal with Erin, Gina, Ashley and Nicole


(photo courtesy of Rick Schaff)


Musclemag article

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