The following are taken from real emails, from real members.

“My wife and I are moving and I am disappointed about leaving powerhouse as it’s such a great facility with solid employees and management.  You guys have done a great job and continue to do wonderfully in providing a great gym going experience.  Take care and thank you very much.”


“I have really enjoyed my time with powerhouse.”

Alex Knaggs

“I really enjoyed going to this gym, you guys have the best equipment and the staff there were always nice and willing to help with anything I needed.

Thank you and have a great day!”

Zeljko Jake Radmanovic

“I am a member at your powerhouse gym. I love it there!”

Aria Thompson

“I moved back to NY so i clearly don’t need the membership anymore, but did enjoy my time at your facility!”


Paul Wolfe

“I’m going to miss Powerhouse Gym; you guys have an awesome facility!”

Nathan Miller

“The gym provided me with the tools to achieve my fitness goals and allowed me to maximize my training. Thank you very much and I hope the gym continues to prosper.”

Thomas Vacca

“Great Gym!

David Halfaker, CFP

“You have a wonderful facility.”

Jadene Lafayette

“Its a great facility with a terrific group fitness schedule.”

Diana Mac Lean

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for the courtesies you extended to me while visiting Tampa for the National Physical Therapy Meeting. You and your brothers are to be congratulated on a first class club both from an amenities standpoint and cleanliness.

Once again, thank you to you and your entire staff.”

Bernie Z

“I have been a working out at Powerhouse for 4 or 5 years and it has been a great place to train. It has also been exciting to see the business expand for you guys. It has become a place I call home….Thank you and good luck in the future with everything.”

Nathan Somerville

“Let me first say that it has been a pleasure working out at powerhouse. In my time as a Div I NCAA wrestler and cage fighter, I never have trained at a better facility.”


Matt Turtzo

“I loved the gym. It is by far the best in the bay.”

Chris James

“Just wanted to say that I love Powerhouse and it has been BY FAR my favorite gym in the Tampa Bay area! Thanks for running an awesome gym!”

Tyler LoPilato

“First and foremost, i would like to commend you in the wonderful facility that you and your staff have established in the Tampa Bay area. I have been a member for nearly 3 months and i am fascinated.”

SGT Ruben Hares-Rasler

“I loved the gym!”

Abdul Almarshoud

“It has been a great experience and you guys made me feel like family so I thank you for that.”

Jamal Kahn

“I love your gym — the staff is friendly, the equipment is fantastic (I have never seen so many items to use while working out in my life…and I love it) , and the classes are my absolute favorite.”

Alexis Koskan, P.h.D.

“I absolutely love Powerhouse!”

Sahara Sears

“I must say your facility and staff are world class. It was a pleasure to call power house my place of worship for fitness. Best of luck to you and your continued success with your facility. All the best!”

Brandon T

“Thank you for your services. They were enjoyed and your facility was truly beautiful!”

Morgan R

“I appreciate you guys and your great customer service!”

Manuel Moscoso

“Thank you again, I really appreciate the excellent customer service!”

Nikole Goddard

“Your guy’s gym is the best I’ve ever belonged to.”

Kevin M

“Hi Matt,

I’m emailing you to let you know that I will be moving to Cleveland at the end of June and will sadly need to cancel my membership at powerhouse as of that time.

I actually joined the gym before you guys were even open, and I can honestly say I’ve never belonged to a better gym. You guys have everything anyone could want in a gym, it’s always kept so clean, and the staff is so friendly….especially Danny. He’s the best!

Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me. Thanks for creating such an awesome place to work out. I’m really going to miss it when I move!”

Sarah Gudmundson

“I have enjoyed being a member at the Gym, and I have seen incredible physical results for myself during my membership. The Gym is always clean and well maintained. The staff is great, especially Danny. I don’t know how he is always so happy and welcoming at 5 AM!”

Thank you, again,

Colleen A. Carson

“I will continue to recommend the Powerhouse to all as it is a fine establishment.”

Melissa Cervantes

“I’ll keep referring your business to my friends in the Tampa community. PHG is the best facility I’ve used in a long time…Keep up the great work!”

Mike Hill

“I have recently moved, and my location is inconvenient to your facility. I will say, however  that your gym is second to none in the Tampa area in every facet. Congratulations on your success in operating such a well-regarded facility. Again, Powerhouse (Downtown) Tampa met and exceeded all of my needs and expectations during my tenure there. If I move back near your facility in the future, I will not hesitate to start a membership again.”

Timothy Nolan

“I enjoyed working out at your gym! Great atmosphere and great equipment!”

Anna B

“Let me take this time to thank you for the amazing gym you guys have built. Its the only gym I have ever been too where I enjoy going while its crowded. The amount of motivation you receive from this place and its members is bar none. I am going to miss it, and it will be my first stop when I fly down from cold and windy Chicago for vacation. Thanks for everything.”

Jon Kint

“Your gym is the best one I have ever worked out at, and will be one of the hardest reasons to move from Tampa to NJ for work. I really enjoyed my time there, and your manager Tommy is a cool guy.”

Louis Puskas

“Love the GYM”

Bob M

“You guys have the best gym in Florida…need to build one in St. Pete.”

Brian O

“It was an awesome 6 months, and powerhouse has been the best gym experience of my life. Thanks.”

Christopher J. Lyons SSgt USAF

“Powerhouse, your members, and your staff are all TRULY amazing and my time spent training with you was a dream!! Again, I thank you for EVERYTHING and I hope that you have an amazing day!”

Jaime K

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 15 months as a member of the Powerhouse gym. I will miss the friendly and motivating environment the gym provided me.”

Scott T

“I love Powerhouse Gym! In fact, it’s the best gym and gym staff I’ve ever encountered.”

Sue M. Clark

“I will miss this gym! Best facility i have ever worked out in!”

Jaclyn Miklos

“I regret to inform you that I have to cancel my membership to your wonderful gym. I have moved out of the area and it is not convenient for me to go there. I used to live in the building and loved that the gym was right down stairs. I have always enjoyed the facilities and the staff. It was always very clean and the staff was very friendly. I would definitely recommend it to others. In the future if I ever move back I would definitely rejoin the gym.”

Thank you,

Larry G Rowland II

“This past year has been the best workout of my life and your gym is the reason. I’ve told so many people about this facility because it truly is what you want when it comes to a gym. PH has meant a lot to me and was my place of enjoyment and motivation.”

Derrick E.

“Your gym is hands down the best gym that I have ever trained at. I will definitely miss it. Thank you for providing such an awesome gym for people who are serious about training. It’s one of the very few gyms left where people who are proud to be stereotyped as a meathead are made to feel welcomed rather than unwanted.”

Brian Lewis

“You guys have been awesome at supporting our military troops and I wanted to say thank you for that.”

Omar S. Harris, SSgt, USAF

“I loved working out at powerhouse. It’s by far the best gym I’ve ever been to.”


Jeremy Cooke

“Thank you for an amazing facility!”

Mike Westerdal

Hi Matt,

Thank you for confirming.

I wanted to share some feedback as I was very happily surprised to as to how this was handled. Having had memberships with other gyms in the US, other states in the US and in different parts of Europe, your gym is very far ahead of the competition, all categories, hands down. The gym itself, equipment etc has been VERY good over the past 2 years or so that we have been members. What is perhaps most impressive, and that I think is also more difficult for other gyms to copy is the membership service throughout the customer lifecycle. By this I mean the process from becoming a member, being a member and eventually terminating the membership. With powerhouse it has truly been an easy and very pleasing experience. Joining is as easy as any other gym, but the service through out has been outstanding, what is perhaps the most interesting part and truly one of a kind service is your email here. Leaving you gym took one email. As you probably know at most other places I would have had to make multiple phone calls, deal with a termination period, additional fees etc. Which is what I was expecting.

So what does it mean for me as the customer when treated this way? You can rest assure that both me and my wife will take every opportunity to recommend your gym. I will also reference every other membership as we are now changing to standard that you have established. When they don’t measure up I will most likely have to start considering making the drive back to Power House.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks again,

Johan & Jennifer

“You guys have been wonderful for the four years I’ve been able to spend at Powerhouse. However I have relocated to Miami and though I have contemplated making that commute to Tampa to continue to workout, I found it impractical. Unfortunately I’ll have to settle with an inferior gym in Equinox at the the monthly price equivalent to that of an auto loan payment. Traveling for work, I’ve been able to go to gyms across the country (Even Arnold’s Venice Beach Gold’s Gym) and nothing has compared to PHTB. Keep up the good work.”

Best Regards,

Ian F

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